You Just need Rs.1251 Cr to buy a public sector bank

This is our value.  You Just need  Rs.1251 Cr to buy a Punjab and Sind Bank a public sector bank.   Canara Bank and Bank of india will cost you less than Rs.10,000 cr.  Shocking,  total Value of all public sector banks including SBI is Rs.4,86,729 crores, where as the Total Value of six  New Priate Sector banks is Rs.7,10,219 crores.

Why are we valued so less, who are responsible.

Name of the Bank Current Market Value


Amount Required to Buy 51 % share. 
SBI 239,985.92 119993
Bank of Baroda 46,866.49 23433
PNB 38,993.12 19496
Canara Bank 19,015.40 9507
Bank of India 18,569.84 9284
Union Bank 13,675.60 6837
IDBI Bank 11,612.64 5806
Central Bank 11,045.17 5522
Oriental Bank 9,154.38 4577
UCO Bank 8,949.73 4474
Indian Bank 8,794.93 4397
Syndicate Bank 8,135.21 4067
IOB 7,090.90 3545
Allahabad Bank 6,603.39 3301
Corporation Bk 5,474.43 2737
Andhra Bank 5,085.43 2542
Bank of Mah 4,656.74 2328
Vijaya Bank 4,381.51 2190
State B Bikaner 4,292.75 2146
Dena Bank 3,232.28 1616
United Bank 3,042.20 1521
State Bk Travan 2,905.79 1452
State Bk Mysore 2,663.54 1331
Punjab & Sind 2,502.57 1251
HDFC Bank 231,322.85 115661
ICICI Bank 203,177.08 101588
Axis Bank 113,613.10 56806
Kotak Mahindra 92,738.83 46369
IndusInd Bank 39,737.93 19868
Yes Bank 29,629.32 14814

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  1. jagannadha rao

    i think the main reason for reduction in the value of all psb are
    1. govt policies/announcements/(both state/central): as in A.P where govt. has promised for waiver of loans of PSbs but not implemented even after 1year, due to which neither fresh credits are moving up nor recovery is coming, adding more npa on daily basis.
    2. one way govts stress more upon the service rather than business, on the other hand while getting returns they blame PSbs for less business profits.for example just esquire the position of differential rate of interest(DRI loans) for 4% ROI, how many private sector banks are giving this loans and how much? (it may be nil/negligible), and what is the min balance required by PSB (BIG 0) with that of private sector banks,although i am not against the service to the society, what i mean to say is that, PSBs are losing some big worthy business indoing this type of small business.
    3. govt. involvement in conduct of business and decision making process of PSBs, because of which board of directors of PSBs for only their personal benefits/(YES BOSS type of behaviour)/ under pressure, sanction loans to politically motivated bigger parties(ex.king fisher) which later turns into NPA/fraud
    4. more importantly poor planning, vision and decision making process of heads of the PSBs, they should be more devoted to banks and its future benefits, growth strategies, competency development etc rather than just completing 3/5 yrs term appointed by govt and saying goodbye.
    5. PSBs staff strength, their roles and responsibilities, now a days due to vast expansion model of PSbs and damn scarcity of staff, officers in PSBs are bound to do more areas of activities, when they are dealing with different departments/areas,either because of lack of information,or lack of time, the service delivery to the customers is getting late, whereas the counter parts in Pvt, Sec, Banks are confined to single areas and effective service delivery which attracts worthy customers and getting more business.


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