How Corrupt are WE ( Public Sector Bankers )

How Corrupt are WE ( Public Sector Bankers )


Just read an article “ How corrupt are Our Bankers “in LIVE MINT  e paper  by Mr. Tamal Bandyopadhyay.   Many users have shared  the post in Facebook.   

We just wanted to highlight some of the points of the article, as we felt the article was written by someone who as witnessed the events.

The article highlights the various pressure points and also the corruption at higher levels,the writer has touched  some sensitive points with regard to Junior level staff also.


  1. Very junior officers during diwali times (in Mumbai ) were seen hiring taxis to home as they cannot carry the heavy gift articles in local trains.
  2. Nature of gifts changes according to their cadre. A junior may be satisfied with pressure cookers, dinner sets and watches. Mobile phones, silk sarees , silver and giold coins etc finds their way to the cabins of senior staff.
  3. Instances of sponsoring child’s abroad education of senior executives and paying the credit card bills are also common.


Please do read the full article.

One Reply to “How Corrupt are WE ( Public Sector Bankers )”


    what to comment ?? as long as the chamchagiri and casteist grooming goes on … honesty is the best policy dictum is prone for bitterest damage. will they allow honest and sincere Officers with peace of mind ?? Once upon a time, it was in POLICE.. but, now, everywhere… the Officers of PSBs are drawing much much less than those who are in Central Services, Judicial Services, Starte Services, UGC SCALES related jobs. But, they never attempted for corruption as is happening now. Andhaa Kanoon… kisko pakadna hai vusko chod rahe hai.. jisko chodna hai, vusko pakad rahe hai…
    along with the list of NPA account holders / willful defaulters, staff of PSBs must disclose the details of their CORRUPT colleagues / superiors, if not to CBI/PMO, ATLEAST in SOCIAL MEDIA.. Bade miya to Bade miya, Chote miya to Subhanalla…


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