New pay scales with grade pay – Tenth Bipartite settlement for Bank Employees

In my previous post, I tried to explain the  possibility of  introduction of a new allowance for officer employees.  Now after so many calculations as per my assumptions new special pay which will be 12.5% of basic pay will have to be introduced.  The new special / Grady pay will attract DA and possibly will not be accounted for superannuation benefits.  ( There are all purely my assumptions only.  Nothing is certain)

I once again repeat these are purely my assumptions. 

There are two possible scenarios,

  1. Introduce special pay which is fixed in nature i.e 3000/- for Scale 1, Rs.4000/- for Scale 2 and Rs.5000/- for scale 3 etc.,  This will benefit the young bankers.  With our running pay scales there is a chance that a senior Officer and a Scale III manager, who are drawing a basic salary of  27300/- will draw same salary.  If Fixed special pay scale is introduced officer and a scale III, with same basic will draw different gross salaries because of the difference in special pay.  This will encourage the officers to opt for promotions.
  2. Another option is introducing special pay which is linked to basic.  Say a 12.5% of basic as Special pay.  This will treat all the officers equally.  being senior I am hoping for this.  However,  this will not encourage the officers to take promotions.

I am posting the following two charts with present gross and new Gross Salary For New Gross Salary As at  March 2015



For New Gross Salary as at November 2012 click here 10th Bipartite Grade Pay present salary Nov 2012 Readers please do share your thoughts.  Your comments are always welcome.

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  1. Sitangsu Chattopadhyay

    What effect will the new wage settlement have on staff who retired between 01.11.2012 and 30.04.2015? Will the Special Pay component and DA thereon have its bearing on the revised pension or will there be no protection of pension, which will erode in effectivity?

  2. kaushal kishore

    UFBU should come up with the old practice of merger and fixation of pay scales liike earlier bi partites i.e old basic+% of DA to be merged into % increase (BP 100+DA 60.15 =160.15X 15%=184.172) and finally basic be increased 84.172% and the applicable rate of DA to be applied nothinf else. this is the best way to end all the comparisions and critisims.

  3. akumar

    management says that we are not having adequate profit due to which more increase cannot be considered. our leaders are so foolish that they do not say that bank employees are not responsible for profit and huge npa as the loan s disbursed as per rules of the bank which are framed by top management. We are writing off huge loans in spite of good security just to clean our balance sheet and again we are allowing loan to it justified to compromise in any loan account where we are having adequate security. Bank employees are no where concerned with profit or npa of the bank. They should be paid adequate wage equivalent to other departments . Banks should initiate adequate step so that no customer dares to stop the payment of bank dues..Our policies are provoking people to be dishonest and we are allowing people to loot our bank.

  4. Pramod Kumar

    I have read your blog in which you have presumed that grade pay will be introduced. I agree with you but something I want to add here

    1 grade pay was introduced for Central government employees in sixth pay commission with da and all pensioery benefits. Secondly grade pay denotes status and hierarchy of position held by employees.
    2 grade pay which you have suggested for scale 1,2 and 3 that is 3000,4000 and 5000 are not of officer cadre but of clerical one. Minimum grade pay in officer cadre of Central government is 54000. If your projection comes true bankers will be degraded to bottom from where they will never regain.

  5. chinnuswami

    every one thinks about the present employees.please think about the poor pensioners who have sacrificed their entire life for the development of the bank and they are in the fag end of their life depending only the meagre pension they get.give some benefit to them like updation of pension,100%da neutralization and improvement in family pension

  6. C.Annapoorna Kasyapa, w/o Late C.S.KASYAPA,(CM,scale IV)

    is the new pay scale revision beneficiable for pensioners/family pensioners? if it is what”s the new scales?

  7. tapabrata biswas

    dear sir,why u calculate with 12.5%,You must add HRA,CCA with this.I think gross will raise more than 22% for Probationary Officer.

    1. c v nagaraj

      Sir, I think scale IV and V are going to get Min of 25% over their existing gross, and scale VI and VII will get 30% over their existing gross. Pls give your mail id I will send. If I post here there will be a huge uproar.

      1. Capt G S Sahgal

        I retd on 31 Oct 2014 as Chief Manager security at a basic pay of Rs 36200 from CHANDIGARH . CM wef 4 May 14.

      2. manoranjan behera

        please give 100/200 % as Seniors in scale – IV, V and VI want,
        if any amount is left behind let the juniors pocket it like beggars.

  8. Harish Chander Azad

    We should wait for some days when the entire pic. will be clear,we should not creat confusition in the mind of employees.

  9. mukund704

    I think there should not be any discrimination between senior and younger and all should get equal rise and not just favoring younger always. we the seniors have put in our hard life of nearly 30 years and now still struggling while younger generations may not sacrifice like us and remain loyal for such a long time. Plus they have plenty of opportunities outside whereas we seniors have no other options but to remain loyal to our bank job. My sincere request is that seniors should be given due justice of their committed life for all these years and should not be deprived of any benefits just to favor younger officers.
    Mukund Thakkar

    1. naveen

      Dear mukund,

      As you said that u were loyal because you had no other choice outside, it simply shows that you think that most of people of your generation are not either fit for job or have talant to get even present pay outside.

      And coming on sacrifices made by your generation :
      Sacrifice in following guidelines and efforts in credit decisions has resulted in such high NPA and week union…

      1. psvrao

        Naveen, you are a greenhorn from your comments. There were no such opportunities like you today in the past. Hence, we continued in the same organisation all these years. Secondly, the high npa is on account of executives and not senior staff. Thirdly, which is the most pitiable, is that present day bankers are getting promoted every two three years without the attendant knowledge. I shudder to think what npa situation will be if the banks are handed over to such ignorant people. Think again before commenting.

      2. c j rao

        don’t think that u r a super hero man. first know how to respect elders before passing comments on any one. how can u say that seniors are not fit for job. who are u to say that. if they are not fit management would have fired them by now. if u have the talent to get better pay outside why don’t u quit and join instead of posting in this site. npa doesn’t happen because of senior or junior employees. it happens becoz of the policy decisions and short sitedness of the management. seniors sacrifice their flesh and blood for the development of their organisations. only indian banking is surviving now means only because of the protest made by the unions. if not so like many banks of america we too have wiped away. so i request u kindly give respect to our elders. becoz we too have elders at our home.

      3. pramod kumar jain

        Introducing such Special pay allowance will be like “Throwing Axe On Our Feet”, So don’t give such types of suggestions
        Pl don’t blame each other, be unite,
        0.15% per slab DA formula will best suited for every one senior or junior because it will increase our salary as well as pension 1.5 times in future


      Anticipated Revised BASIC PAY and D A as per MOU 23.02.2015, 10TH BPS
      1-Merger of D A with Basic Pay ason 01.11.2011 at Consumer Price Index of 4440 plus
      Load of 2% on BP+DA as on 31.03.2012.
      2-DA ason 01.11.2011 at CPI of 4440 is (4440-2836)/4 ie.401 slabs @0.15=60.15%
      DA ason 31.03.2012 at CPI of 4516 is (4516-2836)/4 ie.420 slabs @0.15=63.00%
      3-Revised Basic Pay may be:-for Example
      Old Basic Pay -14500 14500
      60.15% DA merger – 8722 9135 (DA as on 31.03.2012 @63%)
      Total (A) -23222 Total (B) 23635
      New Basic Pay Total (A) -23222
      Add 2% load on Total (B) 473
      TOTAL 23695(may be 23700 to 24000)
      4-D A Calculation
      i) 8th BPS-CPI 2288 points merger with Basic Pay
      -Factor 0.18% per slab for every 4 points over 2288
      ii) 9th BPS-CPI 2836 points merger with Basic Pay
      -Factor 0.15% per slab for every 4 points over 2836
      iii) 10th BPS-CPI 4440 points merger with Basic Pay
      -Factor 0.10% (Based on previous mathematical calculations as follows)
      8th BPS-Merger 2288 points Factor 0.18
      9th BPS-Merger 2836 points Factor 2288/2836*0.18=0.1452 say 0.15
      10th BPS-Merger 4440 points Factor 2836/4440*0.15=0.0958 say 0.10
      If by negotiation by UFBU Leaders the Factor will be 0.12 or 0.13 % it will be
      More beneficial.
      iv) D A Rates
      Old as per 9th BPS New as per 10th BPS
      Period Nov12-Jul15 CPI Slabs (CPI-2836)/4 DA% Slabs*0.15 Slabs (CPI-4440)/4 DA % @0.10 DA % @0.12
      Nov-Jan 13 4877 510 76.50 109 10.90 13.08
      Feb-Apr 13 4976 535 80.25 134 13.40 16.08
      May-Jul 13 5082 561 84.15 160 16.00 19.20
      Aug-Oct 13 5211 593 88.95 192 19.20 23.04
      Nov-Jan 14 5402 641 96.15 240 24.00 28.80
      Feb-Apr 14 5501 666 99.90 265 26.50 31.80
      May-Jul 14 5433 650 97.50 249 24.90 29.88
      Aug-Oct 14 5569 683 102.45 282 28.20 33.84
      Nov-Jan 15 5764 732 109.80 331 33.10 39.72
      Feb-Apr 15 5774 734 110.10 333 33.30 39.96
      May-Jul 15 5790 738 110.70 337 33.70 40.44
      Aug-Oct 15

      v) Comparison Old n New Basic+DA as on Nov/2012
      OLD NEW
      BASIC 14500 23700
      D A @76.50% 11092 @10.90% 2583
      TOTAL 25592 26283(increase around 3%)
      vi) Rest 12% increase may be in HRA (9, 8, 7%), CCA (4, 3%, Max amt may be increased),
      Marginal increase in FPP/PQP.Grade Pay (may be 10% of new Basic/or/3000 to
      5000 flat)
      Above calculations are my assumptions. Any comments may please be sent to my

      S P SETHY, Retired Officer, Union Bank of India.MOB-09437310151


      Dear sir, what I said about discrimination about officers n clerks was that if as per 10th bipartite settlement , officers get special pay/ grade pay then why clerks be excluded from this package regardless of having future oppurtunity after all every bankers regardless of senior or junior staff work equally in their respective areas of operation….!! So sir I think Clerks should also get this facility…!! What my other bank clerks think I dnt know…!! But this is my wish n opinion too….!! Plz reply soon sir..!!


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