Indian Towns and cities Population as per 2011 census.

Hope this will be useful for HRA and other Purposes.   Two Lists  with Population of above 10 lacs and another  List with population of One Lakh.

Population is as per 2011 census.   New surprise Bangalore is now competing with Chennai.  In 2021 we may see total 6 cities with a population of One crore and above.

Hyderabad slipped to sixth place. Closely followed by Ahmadabad.

By 2021, top 10 cities share will be more than 10% of total country’s population, and real urban problems will surface then.

Cities with More than 10 lacs population

Cities Above 10 lacs and above

Towns and cities with a population of More than 1 Lac

Cities with population of 1 lakh and above

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