Expected or Projected   DA  Decrease or Increase for Bank employees from May 2017


What will be the increase of DA for  bank employees  from May 2017?

For the first time We have added the word projected DA decrease.

The first month Data on CPI(IW) was released and the index for the month of January stood at 274 with an decrease of 1 point.

Basing on the first month data DA form May 2017 will decrease by 15 slabs or 1.5% for all bank employees.

Core inflation is coming down resulting in decrease in Dearness Allowance.

DA from May 2017 for bank employees is based on the index numbers of January, February and March  2017.   Now as the first month data is released and the second month data is due on March 2017 wherein the CPI(IW) for the month of February will released.

So at least wait for 31th March for a reasonable prediction of DA form May 2017.


The details of calculation of DA form May 2017 are as follows


  CPI IW Index as per 1960 Series
CPI Month 1 274 6254.30
CPI Month 2 274 6254.30
CPI Month 3 274 6254.30
Average   6254.30
Rounded To   6254
Already Merged Points   4440.00
DA Paid for the Previous Quarter   1876.00
Difference   -62.00
Increase In No of Slabs   -15.5
Rounded Off to   -15


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