DA for Bank Employees from November 2018 (Expected)

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Our come back is with a sweet surprise news.   DA increase for Bank Employees from November 2018 will be 6.6%. (mimimum guaranteed)

This is one of the highest in the recent past.  According to the past data available there was a comparable increase during 2010.

What will be the increase of DA for  bank employees  from November 2018?


The first month Data i.e for the month of July 2018  was released and the CPI (IW) index for the month  stood at 301 with an increase of 10 points.

Basing on the first month data,  DA for Bank Employees from November 2018 will be  increase by around 64 slabs and we will be shortly releasing new post with regard to our prediction.

Core inflation is picking up which is very uncommon for a BJP lead Government.

DA from Nov 2018 for bank employees is based on the CPI(IW)  index for the months of July, August and September 2018.   Now as the July  month data is released and the second month data is due on 30th Spetember 2018.

So at least wait for 30th September for a reasonable prediction of DA for Bank Employees form Nov 2018.


The details of calculation of DA for November 2018 are as follows


CPI IW Index as per 1960 Series
CPI Month 1 301 6870.59
CPI Month 2 301 6870.59
CPI Month 3 301 6870.59
Average 6870.59
Rounded To 6870.59
Already Merged Points 4440.00
DA Paid for the Previous Quarter 2164.00
Difference 266.00
Increase In No of Slabs 66.5
Rounded Off to 66


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