Countdown starts for 10 th Bipartite 90 days to go. ( Before 27 March 2015 )

Countdown starts for 10 th Bipartite 90 days to go.  ( Before 27 March 2015 )


  Finally it has happened, 79 days to go for indefinite strike. The long awaited call for many young bankers, lifetime experience for all.  Banking Industry as a whole has never witnessed   an indefinite strike lasting for more than 10 days.  Tenth Bipartite settlement will be signed within 10 days of indefinite strike, Maximum by 27th  of March 2015, because nation can’t afford total banking strike of more than 10 to 12 days. Lets analyze where we are,  IBA’s says that 23% is illogical, irrational, unaffordable and exorbitant. So  forget CPC, forget equality,  but face it , we are not going to get a penny more than 23%.  Even this is not assured, definitely we are going to get lower, that too if we succeed in our indefinite strike. For one or two days strike, our opponent will be the management and IBA.  But, unfortunately, when it comes to the indefinite strike we will be facing the government.  My dear friends we will be locking horns with the government itself, represented by none other than Mr. Modi.  Because one of the primary duties of the government is to ensure smooth day to day affairs for a common man.

Are we strong enough to take on Modi?   Undisputedly, the strongest Prime Minister in the recent past.  Can we win the battle. Yes we can? but that depends on how effective we are in

1. Making the Indefinite strike grand success with full participation of all the members irrespective of age and service.

and at the same time

2. Explaining the reasons for the reasons for indefinite strike to the general public. I feel as bankers we have collectively failed on this front.  Whenever we are on strike, the next day news  will be 2000000 cheques amounting to 50,000 crores halted. Huge loss to economy.   Mostly these will be the statements issued by IBA, effectively creating a negative impact on us.

Further after 2001 i.e  post SVRS scenario with no recruitment for nearly 8 to 10 years branches were managed with skeleton staff implementation of CBS, connectivity issues customers have faced problems on  number occasions. We couldn’t explain to customers the above reasons effectively.

then came bolt from the blue.  The CBS, night mare for all the bankers remote rural branches where there was no basic infrastructure, I mean continuous  power, leased lines etc., even metro branches couldn’t get enough bandwidth.   We failed again in convincing the customers that when ever, network is down its not our fault but the poor infrastructure available in our country.

Apart the above there are so many issues ex NPA, Govt schemes which we are implementing without any profit orientation.

Now the question is that can we get the public sympathy in this war. We cannot challenge the government without the public support. Good or bad we have declared war, swords were drawn we have to be united, in garnering public sympathy. My appeal please stand united because if we fail in this indefinite strike then nobody can save us, we are doomed.

Keep the differences aside educate the customers visiting the branches get their sympathy and supports this is a task which requires whole hearted support of each and every member.

Please stand united for 90 days, otherwise you know  very well,  NPA after 90 days.

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  1. S K Jindal

    We should publicize the difference between the salaries of Govt. employees and the bankers viz a viz financial as well as life risk in Bank’s Jobs.

  2. c madhusudhana

    Nicely put, but I feel that even in case of an indefinite strike our fight is against the IBA and not with Prime Minister (Government) as it is the duty of the government to ensure the welfare of the all sections of society. Hence the role of government should be a moderator or wise judge. Atleast we hope so. But I fully agree the call for unity that is given.


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