Appeal to UFBU – Forget CPC try for LIC employees pay scale

With the latest round of 11th bipartite talks between UFBU and IBA and the UFBU proposal for merging of 6353 points (DA as at 01.11.2016) instead of 6505 points (DA as at 01.11.2017) hope for CPC pay died. What was surprising was the IBA reaction for the same,  as per the reports IBA didn’t agreed for the same and has informed that they would give their reaction by next round of bipartite talks.

Shame of our leaders, UFBU has forgotten that our demand used to be 110% neutralization and IBA used to plead for a 100% merger of DA.  It is evident that it is hard to extract a starting basic pay of Rs.56100/-  from IBA.

As usual leaders will sigh the 11th bipartite for 12%  or 15% we will get a salary jump of   around 8-9%.   Our basic pay will be around 39000/-  and total gross increase would be around 3500/- to 4500/- per month for PO in public sector bank.

Comparison between Bipartite settlement and LIC wage revision:

LIC wage revision is due on 01.08.2017, where as the 11th bipartite is due from 01.11.2017 i.e LIC wage revision expired , exactly one quarter before the Bipartite settlement.

Bank unions lead by AIBEA was a force to reckon with during the earlier days of bank nationalization. They has the muscle power and could stall, entire Indian economy with one strike call.  Unfortunately our brothers in financial sector, LIC and General Insurance unions didn’t have that  power.

In order to survive and for a better wages the LIC unions would patiently wait out for our Bipartite to be settled and with in a 3 to 6 months would clinch their wage revision citing the Bank Employees bipartite settlement.   This was happening since our first bipartite settlement.

Insurance sector wage revision used to be exact replica of our Bipartite settlement. This was more or less same with all other Public Sector Organizations,  our settlement used to be the bench mark for their negotiations.

Now let us look at what was the basic salary of  AAO of LIC ( From 1983 to Till date),  AAO post is equivalent  to PSB PO.


LIC AAO Bank PO Diff in %
1983 1175 1175 0
1987 2100 2100 0
1992 4250 4250 0
1997 7100 7100 0
2002 11110 10000 11.1%
2007 17240 14500 18.89%
2012 32795 23700 38.37%

Just notice how the LIC employees have gained on us  since 2002 (Eighth Bipartite). Remember one important point,  wage revisions for the both sectors expires in the same year.  Now they are close to achieving the CPC scale in the present wage revision.  What about poor bank employees?  Where are our mighty Bank unions.

LIC employees enjoy five day week.  They have a performance linked pay of 1% to 6% of their annual pay for all officers including the back office staff.  The performance linked pay is over and above the monthly salary. We are still struggling for a five day week.

Analysis of salaries of LIC and Bank Employees for the tenth bipartite shows the mature nature and wisdom of LIC union leaders.


LIC AAO Bank PO Diff in %
Starting Basic 32795 23700 38.37%
No of Increments 18 19
Maximum Basic 62315 45950 35.61%
No of Stagnation Increments 0 4
DA% ( as at 30.09.2018) 46.55% 54.1%
DA amount 15266 12821
Special Pay  (with DA ) if Any 0 2829
Gross Salary at first stage 48061 39350 22.13%
Gross Salary at last  stage 91322 76296 19.69%

Starting increment  for LIC officers is Rs.1610 where as the starting increment for bank officer is Rs.980/-.

Last stage of AAO salary is Rs .62315/- .  Where a PSU bank Divisional Managers basic salary at stagnation is Rs.60,820/- that too after adding the stagnation increment.

LIC AAo starting increment is Rs.1610/- per month where as the final increment is Rs.1745/- even our Divisional managers final increment is only Rs.1650/-

Now you will be understanding the intelligence of the LIC union leaders they have removed all the stagnation increments and scales were constructed.

With a higher starting salary at AAO stage,  the gap between the salaries of Bank employees and LIC employees widens while advancing to the top.

For Scale 2 in banks total  18 increments for LIC it is 13 increments

LIC AO Bank Manager
Starting Basic 44065 31705
Last Basic 65805 51490
Gross Salary at first stage 64577 52643
Gross Salary at last  stage 96437 85495


For scale 3 in banks 9 increments  for LIC 11 increments

LIC ADM Sr.Manager
Starting Basic 53725 42020
Last Basic 75005 51490
Gross Salary at first stage 78733 69771
Gross Salary at last  stage 109919 85495


For scale 4 in banks 6 increments and for LIC 9 increments

Starting Basic 65805 50030
Last Basic 86505 59170
Gross Salary at first stage 96437 83071
Gross Salary at last  stage 126773 98247


LIC DM last stage of Rs.86505/- is more than the last stage of Bank’s General Manager of Rs.85000/-


Starting Basic 79605 59170
Last Basic 102045 66070
Gross Salary at first stage 116661 83071
Gross Salary at last  stage 149546 109704





Starting Basic 89095 68680
Last Basic 110575 76520
Gross Salary at first stage 130568 114038
Gross Salary at last  stage 162047 127055




LIC ZM Selection Scale Bank GM
Starting Basic 99835 76520
Last Basic 124295 85000
Gross Salary at first stage 146308 114038
Gross Salary at last  stage 182154 141136



The difference in salary from the scale 3 is huge.

The LIC wage revision is again due from 01.08.2017 and our 11th Bipartite is from 01.11.207.   LIC unions have submitted their charter of demands.  They have demanded for a starting salary of Rs.62000/- for AAO.

When the young bankers had cried for a parity with CPC there was a lot of criticism, including the duties performed to responsibilities etc.,

Now compare the job profile of a PO with that of AAO, Why PO? as per the above table Senior Manager maximum salary is just Rs.85495/- where as the AAO salary is RS.91332/-.

Comparing the job profile of a Senior Manager with that of a AAO, clearly indicates how underpaid we are..

Bank PO salary wise cannot be compared even with Higher Grade Assistant of LIC whose maximum pay is Rs.50140/-, they can at best be compared with stenographer whose maximum salary is Rs.44910/-.   The maximum basic pay of of LIC clerk is Rs.40080/-.

With great support from IBA  our great UFBU leaders will see that LIC assistant salary will be more than that of a bank PO.

Dear friends don’t let the UFBU leders do that easily.  Please express your dissatisfaction to your leaders may be in local gatherings or in forums or thru facebook or any other social media.

Let them know that you are angry with them.

This is the grave injustice done to us.  It may by the Government or the UFBU or somebody else.

Our fervent appeal,  to all our  UFBU leaders please don’t waste your time negotiating for 11th bipartite.

Get yourself trained from Insurance Association/Union leaders,  let them settle their wage revision and follow their foot steps.

If you cant do that step down and give space for others,  who can  do it.

To all members this is a important post please share it in your network.

I am uploading the insurance company wage revision copies.

LIC-wage-settlement 2016

LIC wage settlement 2010

If you have friends in any other public sector enterprises like coal india, IOC, HPCL, BHEL etc please collect their wage revision copies and send to us.  If you can locate any material on internet with regard to wage revision of other PSU organizations just post the link in the comments section.


Please share this to your friends.


21 Replies to “Appeal to UFBU – Forget CPC try for LIC employees pay scale”

  1. Raja S

    Please share the difference of salary between Bank clerk n Lic Assistant.
    Even this difference is also very high.

  2. Com Prabhashankar

    Thanks for giving information ,how our union playing game with their own commorades.And really a very poor pension for Retirees.There should be revision of basic structure for retirees.when compared with Central government pension ,State government pension,Defence (Army,etc),UGC scale ie. professors,Teaching
    We bankers pension is very less.
    Ashamed on part of our trusted union so for called as UFBU.,AIBEA,AIBOO etc

  3. Kashinath Medidar

    Thanks for giving the details regarding settlement. Go ahead and keep the pressure on our dealing leaders for making good result.

  4. Shreyas

    Past is past ..but atleast after knowing all these facts , hope our leaders will open their eyes and work for bankers by leaving ego that they got less facilities at their service. Dear union leaders at the time of u are in service everything we want is at low cost , in World everyone was getting g less ..but now all are getting much more. Think big . Be broad minded.. if u can’t be broad minded leave union and get lost , so that youngsters will take care of them

  5. M Chandra Sheker

    Good comparison,
    But forgot to mention or disclose additional benefits bankers r getting, i.e petrol allowance, self lease, interest free loans, LTC -foriegn travel, many many more.

    2nd option for Pension given to it’s employees during earlier wage revision and it’s financial implications which is not mentioned which led to lower rise.

    NPA’s also plays an important factor , paying capacity of the organisation too.

    PLLI is a motivating factor for attaining the benchmark for officers and employees for which returns r paid.

    LIC is of a Navaratna stature.

    When comparison is made, disclose all the perks/benefits etc which bankers r getting.
    Only basic and gross pay disclosure is not fine.

    LIC while negotiating gives priority for basic pay raise, avoiding other benefits. So thatwe get higher Pension when retired.

    Overall in my perseption in some aspects LIC is on upperhand in some aspects bankers,

    As such don’t compare with LIC , if compared disclose all the benefits bankers are getting.

    1. Raj Post author

      You missed the core point. Salaries of LIC and Bank employees used to be the same till 2002.
      LIC employees gained from 8th Bipartite, LIC got 11.1% more than us for the 8th Bipartite. Second option of pension was in 9th Bipartite.

  6. James P.George

    There is a saying that Elephants do not know their strength and yield before Lions.Here there is a notion that Bank workers (unfortunately divided as Officers and staff ) has to be a silent co signatories to any settlements or diktats from above Even now if all the workers stand united irrespective of cadre (even excluding the new generation private sector) the economy and functioning of Government will be affected .The problem is that each organisation thinks that they are SUPREME a d others have to fall in line or leave the arena.
    First JOIN HANDS with all as a SINGLE PARTY for negotiations.
    Give news paper advertisements for making awareness among the Public we are under privileged and overburdened with various extra responsibilities which were not handled by us previously.There is still a FALSE NOTION THAT THE BANKERS are a PRIVILEGED CLASS!!
    ORGANISE GANDHIAN SATYAGRAHA ON A PSRTICULAR DATE after giving publicity through Media
    DECIDE TO GO AHEAD STRONGLY duly organising at grass roots level for ANY ACTION AFTER A CUT OFF DATE even if some court rulings come banning ACTIONS/STRIKE
    Politics Caste Creed or Designation has to be set aside for all the above.
    First we shall be convinced
    Then the Public also has to be Convinced of the INJUSTICE TO THE REALLY WORKING CLASS

  7. Charanjit singh

    It seems that leaders and negotiating teams of the UFBU lack wisdom and courage to have a decent wage revision and a respectable pensioners benefit .They just want to keep clinging to union posts .Younger generation should come forward and doaway with the rustic leaders.

    1. P Durga Prasad

      In Banks what is happening the retired Bank personnel continue to represent their Associations in the Negotiating Team with IBA. They are not leaving the chance to the Serving Bank Personnel to bargain for better Package of Pay Scales. Wherein the Insurance Sector we can find the serving employee only forming part of Negotiaing Team.

      1. Raja S

        They are not at all negotiating, instead they simply follow our settlement with additional enhancement. This addition also increasing substantially in every settlement.
        Lic employees are luckiest Because Bank employees are the best shield for them


    Mind blowing Information. Whatever it is LIC or CPC. We are paid very low and incomparable with them. If unions can’t speak up with them, then leave aside and lets us allow to speak. All old fellows You guys enjoyed and made our banks shit and now not even helping us to get our decent salary and old pension. It is because of you Bank and Bankers name spoiled. Please quit and give space to youngsters to negotiate with IBA.


  9. B Ganga Raju

    I donot know whether your views take Bank Employees’ wages to the level of LIC employees, but the government would certainly say LIC staff must be brought to the level of Bankmen’s wages. Wrong comparison does not take you anywhere. How much the second option for pension cost the Bankmen? That is the price they paid for being misled by the very same batch of leaders in insurance. IN LIC those who need second option for pension are a small minority and are not a burden on main wage negotiations. Today one can compare bankmen’s wages with those of state government employees also. When you think of huge difference in pensionary benefits between LIC/Bank staff and those of state government, ( due to periodical updation alongwith every wage deal) are we to conclude the state government unions are more wise?

    1. Raj Post author

      Bank pay scales are the lowest of all public sector. If they want to brought down they have to brought down the entire PSU organisations.
      UFBU is not wise enough because of the following
      1. They agreed and signed for a special pay which will be no accounted for all retirement benefits. When all other organisations have merged the grade pay and special pay with basic we are the only fools to introduce a special pay.
      2. Our fools had not incorporated clause for a regular update for pension in the pension regulations when they have signed for the same. Have hey incorporated the same pension will be updated along with every Bipartite.
      3. The sense came to UFBU leaders in 11th bipartite where in they insisted that entire expenditure for superannuation benefits is to be borne by the banks and they will negotiate for the payslip components only. If they could have does this in 1995, imagine present situation sir.

      Thanks for your comments.
      We welcome all.

      1. Rsk

        Why you should forget CPC. And why not to forget and leave UFBU??
        What for union is there? To collect lacy & enjoy .


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