11th BIPARTITE updates as at 27.09.2018


11th  Bipartite settlement  for Bank Employees update as at 20.09.2018.  The following is the gist of meetings that took place between IBA and UFBU with regard to the wage revision for Bank Employees

Please go through the following,  we have uploaded the detailed circulars issued by the AIBOC from time to time with regard to Eleventh Bipartite.

No concrete decisions were taken so far even after a lapse of 10 months.

Members may be wondering what  UFBU leaders were doing all these time.  Apart from IBA in the process of negotiations for a better wage settlement or 11th  Bipartite our leaders have met Finance Minister and various other ministry officials

The following are the meetings that took place between UFBU and IBA and other govt officials for the past 2 months



Circular Date & Number Important Points Discussed by UFBU and IBA with regard to 11th  Bipartite


AIBOC 39/2018

Meeting with Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance.  Discussed about


1. Five day Banking

2. Decent Wage Hike

3. Regulated Working Hours,

4. PCA and FRDI Bill

5. Compassionate Appointments in SBI etc., were appraised.




AIBOC 49/2018

UFBU Meeting with IBA regarding Eleventh Bipartite (11th Bipartite).


1.       IBA improved offer from 2% to 6%.

2.       With regard to Index point for merger of DA, IBA postponed the same for next meeting.

3.       Both IBA and UFBU agreed for a exclusive meeting on 08.08.2018 to discuss the Medical Insurance Scheme.



AIBOC 50/2018

Submission of memorandum to Finance Ministry covering the following


1. Expedite Eleventh Bipartite and Inclusion of officers upto scale VII.

2. Recovery of Bad Loans.  Appointment of Employee Director.

3. Lifting restrictions on Dena Bank.

4. Aadhar card issuing by Bank Branches.

5. Harassment faced by Bank Officers.



AIBOC 57/2018

Discussions with IBA on Health Insurance.

1.       UFBU strongly objected for the steep hike in premium.

2.       Demanded for exemption of GST for Insurance Premium.

3.       Next round of talks on 18.08.2018.



AIBOC 58/2018

Small committee meeting with IBA

1.       IBA has sought detailed notes on certain issues.

2.       On matters having financial implication no finality could be arrived in this meeting.



AIBOC 63/2018

Officers unions have submitted detailed supporting notes on the following


1.       Uniform Holiday Calander.

2.       Increment pattern.

3.       Dearness Allowance.

4.       Disciplinary Proceedings.

5.       Regulated working hours and reduced cash transaction hours.

6.       Five day week.

7.       Special Area Allowance.

8.       Leave Fare Concession.

9.       Issues concerning Lady employees.



AIBOC 64/2018

UFBU meeting with IBA

1.       Discussions were mainly on Medical Insurance.

2.       Next round of Eleventh Bipartite talks on 29.09.2018.

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